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Veterinary Diagnostics in Newburgh

A Deeper Understanding of Your Pet’s Health with Diagnostic Services

At West End Veterinary Office, we utilize the latest diagnostic technologies to help us gain a deeper understanding of your pet’s overall health. Whether you’re bringing your pet in for a regular well exam, or if your pet is feeling under the weather, our on-site diagnostic tools help us to see beyond your pet’s fur, feathers, or scales more quickly than if they had to be examined at a specialty clinic.

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Diagnostics at West End Veterinary Office

We proudly offer a wide range of diagnostic services in-house so that we can quickly and effectively diagnose your pet’s ailments.

We offer the following diagnostic services:

  • Laboratory testing
  • Radiology
  • Ultrasonography
  • Endoscopy

Each of these services tells us something a little bit different about your pet’s condition. Our veterinary team will often use these tools in conjunction with a comprehensive physical exam, whether your pet is feeling healthy or not. A closer look at your pet’s health is always helpful when we’re planning out care for your pet. We keep careful records of your pet’s condition from every visit so that we can more easily spot changes in your pet’s health or pinpoint the cause of a health issue. A clear, comprehensive medical history is essential for us in the ongoing care of your pet.

Radiology & Ultrasonography

Both radiology and ultrasonography allows our Newburgh veterinarians to see beyond your pet’s fur, feathers, or scales and get a good look at their internal systems. X-rays are a form of radiology which is used to take still images of the solid or dense parts of your pet’s body. On the other hand, ultrasounds are used to take real-time images of the soft tissues inside your pet’s body. X-rays use a small dose of radiation to capture their images, while ultrasounds use high frequency soundwaves, which are safe for use on delicate tissues and developing fetuses. Both forms of imaging can be extremely helpful when we’re trying to diagnose a problem your pet may be experiencing. Because we are able to offer both forms of diagnostic imaging in-house at West End Veterinary Office, you’ll be able to get results back faster than if you had to travel to another clinic to get your results.

Laboratory Testing

West End Veterinary Office’s in-house laboratory is able to offer a broad range of laboratory tests to help us diagnose your pet’s condition. The on-site laboratory helps us deliver results to you faster than waiting on results from an outside lab, which can be extremely helpful when your pet is suffering from an urgent health condition.

While lab testing is essential to our sick pet diagnostics, we also use lab testing to keep an eye on your pet’s health as part of our ongoing well care plans for your pet. More information is key to keeping your pet on the road to a long, healthy life.

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